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About Us

About Bill Wiegand Realty

A local business started over 50 years ago by William Earl Wiegand, Jr., the first consulting forester to establish a free enterprise forestry company in Horry County in 1953, was the foundation for Wiegand Real Estate, Inc. The first progressive person to pioneer the practice of Forestry Services as a business and in the meantime — teaching farmers and landowners how to manage timberlands to produce the top prices for their efforts.

Graduating from the University of Georgia with a Forestry Degree in June of 1950, Earl, a native of the mountains of Kittanning, Pennsylvania; nevertheless; wanted to work and live in the South — where there was little snow, but plenty of water and sunshine — the basic requirements for fast tree growth.

Earl’s dream was the total practice of silviculture and seeing these forestry procedures completed even for the smallest landowner. With this becoming a fast reality, he decided to get into the Real Estate Business knowing these two would work hand in hand.  His clients of many thousands, said, “Mr. Wiegand forever changed the way to sell land and timber to get one’s true value when sold”. I was also told by a good friend one day, “when ever people asked him a question, Earl just didn’t have one right answer, he had six”!

From then this business grew and multiplied from repeat customers, who knew Earl Wiegand would always continue to provide an honest service for an honest price! In marketing people’s timber and selling their land, people felt comfortable that they were treated right. As far as clients knowing the true value of their land and timber, the overwhelming majority do not have a clue. This is where my father stepped in providing a clear value of either resource.

Land and timber resources are the prosperity and backbone of America. These lands are left every year as a heritage to our children and grandchildren. Earl’s belief was that if one takes care of one’s children by managing land and timber, that these entities will follow hand in hand for their future. Whether it be thinning, clear cutting, or replanting millions of tree seedlings, people clearly trusted his advice. The same stood also for property, when ever it was time to sell or buy, people listened to him. Taking care of our resources only makes good sense, when our children see this and future outcomes, they will surely pass it on.

Mr. Wiegand did not live to experience old age. He died from Cancer in 1995. This has not stopped thousands of repeat customers from coming back from more reliable friendly and honest service. We see them come in the office everyday either to have their land or timber sold or to buy land or timber. Believe it or not, we have a lot of people come in to do business with us who either planted trees for your father or were a Boy Scout under him.

He taught me before you list, buy or sell property, you better walk it first. I was also instructed on the appropriate wearing apparel, mosquito spray, machette, a compass, property map, flagging tape, long sleeve shirt, rugged long pants, leather boots, knee boots, hip boots, snake boots, gloves and a good hat before I entered into a wooded property. And before you leave make a note or tell someone where you’re going.

People chuckle over the phone when I ask them if they have boots to wear before going to look a property with me. Think about it, how else are you going to know about this property until you walk it or see it with a realtor? A lot of people make mistakes in purchasing or selling land in not inspecting what is actually there! I’ve got to know what I’m selling, you’ve got to know what you’re buying! Simply put, “it is, what it is”. I’ve seen just about every kind of wildlife known walking, highland, lowland, quicksand and even people trying to take land by adverse possession! It’s not a bad idea to exercise walking your own property lines yearly!

Earl’s two businesses that he started are still family run today. Joann G. Wiegand, Earl’s wife, still owns these businesses. Warren E. Wiegand, one of her sons, took over Wiegand Timberland, Inc., under the direction of two S.C. Registered Foresters, Jim Fisher and Denis Matherly. William E. (Bill) Wiegand, III., the older son, has taken over Wiegand Real Estate, Inc., as Broker-In-Charge.

I have handled just about any type of Real Estate through the years and thoroughly enjoy what I do. If it’s residential all the way to commercial real estate, I can handle what ever needs that are requested in North and South Carolina. In dealing with the public in real estate, you not only meet new people, but learn something new everyday. If a customer or client is happy with what they have purchased or sold, then that’s a satisfied person! Before selling or buying real estate, I have found that a true real estate professional better like what he or she does and should always plan to keep the future in mind!

We look forward to working with you!

Bill Wiegand